Construction is the last step to turn ideas and plans into reality. Therefore, it is necessary to have an effective construction plan and schedule to complete a work project with optimizing its performances, ensuring aesthetics, on budget and on schedule.

BYD is a suitable and qualified contractor to effectively execute a construction project. Construction department of the BYD is being rapidly developed thanks to a team of professional architects, engineers and construction organization teams with extensive experience in management and supervision.

The BYD’s construction process includes the following stages:

  1. Get project information: Discuss with the investor about the construction time, types of materials, payment conditions, and provide information related to the project.
  2. Quote a price, complete the contract: BYD will send a construction quotation, contract form, contract appendix to the partner to exam and review terms and agreement.
  3. Conclude a construction contract: After being unanimous in the contract, the two parties will conclude a construction contract.
  4. Construction implementation: BYD will implement the construction in plan and expected budget.
  5. Hand over the project: Completion of the works, termination of the construction contract.
  6. Warranty the works after construction.
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